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Marine Corps Veteran

Service Before Self

As a Marine Logistics and Anti-Terror Force Protection Officer, Joe deployed to Asia and Africa, strengthening America's defenses and that of our partners around the world.

With Joe as President, we will employ our military to preserve peace and the planet, not war for oil.

"We weren't there for terrorism."
- General Charles Wald

Financial Advisor & Entrepreneur

Dollars & Common Sense

As an MBA-educated Investment Advisor and entrepreneur with a background in Political Economics, Joe believes that good policy comes down to dollars, cents and values-based alignment. 

When our money is aligned with our values, good things happen. We should focus on intended outcomes and solving problems at the source. 

"There can be no greater issue than that of conservation in this country.” - Pres. Theodore Roosevelt

Disaster Response Volunteer

Action, Not Talk

After serving with the Marine Corps, Joe volunteered for the Hurricane Sandy Disaster Response team to help homeowners dig out from under piles of dirt and debris. They called us "angels." That's the power of volunteering.

With Joe as President, we will create a Climate Corps to assist with disaster response, and to enhance the global food, water, housing and energy security around the globe through the power of entrepreneurship.

"The effects of a changing climate are a national security issue..."
- 2019 Report on Effects of a Changing Climate to the Department of Defense

Core Values

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Constitutional Liberty

Restore & Strengthen Our Rights

Liberty is under attack in America.

With Joe as President, we will pass an Amendments for America package to restore and preserve liberty forever.

Read the Book

"I contend that the strongest of governments is that which is most free."
- Pres. William Henry Harrison

Clean, Green & Free

Solutions, Not Pollution

Oil, plastic, fertilizers and pharmaceuticals are poisoning our planet and our people.

The Federal Reserve is responsible. 

A clean, green, citizen-owned, and fully transparent credit union will give the people an ownership stake in the economy and influence over corporate policy. 

Let's divest from pollution and invest in solutions.

Top Issues

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Planet-Friendly Money + Citizen Dividend

Liberty is the Greenback:
Clean, Green & Citizen-Owned


Solutions, Not Pollution 

Liberty is Clean Air, Fresh Water, Healthy Food & Eco-Jobs

Legalize Cannabis

Legalize, Regulate, Tax & Educate

Liberty is Jobs, Not Prison; Weed,  Not Pills


Capital-Labor Partnership

Liberty is a Coordinated Effort for Health, Wealth & Wellness for All


Restore Social Balance

Liberty is Respect for Self & Others, the Golden Rule & Equal rights for All

No War With Iran

Fight for Freedom, Not Oil

As a Marine Corps Officer, Joe personally presented the flag to the mothers and fathers, and sons and daughters of our fallen brothers and sisters-in-arms. Twice deployed to Asia and Africa, we fight for freedom, not for oil and gas. 

"The best general wins without firing a shot."
- Sun Tzu

Legalize It Nationwide

End the Failed War on Drugs

Let's get people out of prison, off the streets, off the pills, and back to work.

- Legalize Cannabis, Decriminalize All Drugs
- Free non-violent prisoners & Expunge Records
- Create a job-training and hiring tax credit

"Prohibition has done far more harm to far more people than marijuana ever could."
- William F. Buckley

Fire the Fed,
Go Green Instead

Clean, Green, Citizen-Owned Credit Union

- Close the wealth gap
- Get off of oil & out of oil-wars
- Make eco-products most affordable
- Invest in renewables, organics, ocean cleanup, and low interest student loans 

We'll be carbon-free ASAP - with no new taxes.

Secure Open Source (SOS)

Personal Privacy, Public Transparency

There is only one way to protect our freedoms: empower the people with the information to act.

With Joe as President, we will publish all bills online for public review before signing, move government to a secure online platform, declassify operations, and save billions of dollars per year. 

"Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech."
- Dr. Benjamin Franklin

Healthcare & Balanced Budget for All

Universal Savings Accounts (USAs)

USAs are a new streamlined way to pay and save for healthcare, education, and retirement. 

By allocating $1 trillion per year to USAs in place of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, every American will accrue $4,000 per year per person from birth. And we'll balance the budget too.

Now, you're in charge.

Slash Student Loans

Lower Rates, Lower Payments

Student loans are often the size of a mortgage with rates that float like a credit card.

We will slash student loan payments up to 75% by refinancing at the government rate and extending terms to retirement age.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." 
- South African President Nelson Mandela

Protect Woman & Child,
Restore Roe

Equal Rights for Woman & Child

Roe v. Wade protected the rights of the woman, child, and state with the trimester framework. The 1992  Planned Parenthood v. Casey decision undermined those equal protections and established precedent for the USA PATRIOT Act with subjective language. Let's roll back to Roe.

Gay Rights & Gun Rights

Equal Rights Under the Law for One and All

Discrimination is unacceptable under any circumstance.

To preserve the rights of the people, we must protect all rights protected under the Constitution. Equal rights under the law includes the right to bear arms and other rights. Giving up the rights of one group sets the precedent to lose all rights.

28. Election Protection

Citizen-only Elections

Ban Corporate Money
in Elections to Regain Control

29. Objective Law

Rights, Not Fights

Restore the 1926 Rule to Reinstate Constitutional Rights

30. Supreme, Not Extreme

Restore the Courts

Restore the 3/5 Senate Vote Rule to Confirm Justices

31. Fire the Fed

Create a Credit Union Instead

Issue Planet-Friendly Money &
Citizen Dividend

32. Balanced Budget

Sound Money Saves Money

Require Balanced Budgets,
Hold Politicians Accountable

Repeal the PATRIOT Act

Restore Objective Law

The 1992 Planned Parenthood v. Casey ruling and 2001 USA PATRIOT Act nullified the Constitutional rule called Void for Vagueness which required that laws be easily understood in order to protect our rights to free speech, assembly and due process. 

The FBI now subjectively defines anyone with an "extremist thought" as a potential terrorist.  

Overturn Citizens United

Corporations are not Citizens

On the basis that corporations are people and therefore have rights, the Citizens United decision reversed the 1990 decision which cited the "serious danger" and "significant possibility that corporate political expenditures will undermine the integrity of the political process."

It is now clear that we have lost control of our elections.


Fire the Fed

They Failed their Price Stability Test

Our money buys just 15% of what we had in 1973. $500k in 1973 buys $73,032 today. This forces us to work harder for less. We pay the Federal Reserve 6% per year to poorly manage our money.

Convert to a clean, green credit union instead.

Supreme, Not Extreme Courts

Restore the 2/3 Majority Mandate

Four Supreme Court Justices have been appointed with less than a 2/3 majority since 1991, breaking 107 years of precedent. These Extreme Court Justices have ruled against constitutional liberty over and over.

Let's rebalance the court in favor of liberty and justice for all.

Visit HijackingAmerica.com for the whole story.

Balanced Budget

Budget Deficits Drive Authoritarianism

The national credit card is maxed out and the dollar is in danger. To steer clear of the fiscal cliff and restore liberty in America, we need to balance the budget.

The good news: you can have your cake and eat it too...as long as it's clean, green and sugar free.

The Liberty Strikes Back Team

Constitution of the
United States of America


WE THE PEOPLE of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

Organization Chart

By, for and of the People

The Constitution organizes the functions of government around "Justice", "domestic Tranquility," "common defence," "general Welfare," and "Liberty." 

I propose a similar structure: Executive Administration, Liberty & Justice, Domestic Tranquility & Welfare, and Partnership & Defense.

* Photo credit: xpastor.org

Executive Administration

* The following are nominees for the positions. They have not yet agreed to serve.

Joe McHugh

Liberty, Justice & Opportunity for All

As a Marine Officer and entrepreneur, Joe McHugh believes that it is more important to empower leaders than to know all the answers.

President McHugh will empower leaders to lead, negotiate, and strike deals in order to restore liberty, equality and opportunity for all Americans.

* Joe McHugh has agreed to the position and use of his likeness.

Vice President
Cory Booker

Liberty for All

Senator Booker is a champion of liberty for all Americans, especially for the systemically oppressed black and brown community. 

VP Booker will take the lead on ensuring that we restore liberty, equality and opportunity for all Americans.

* Sen. Booker has not yet agreed to the position or use of his likeness.

Chief of Staff &
Chief Reboot Officer
Mike Bloomberg

Independent. Experienced. Innovative.

America needs a reboot: a return to constitutional liberty and an upgrade to the digital age.

Mayor & CEO Bloomberg has a proven record on governance and innovation. His experience will inform our action.

* Mayor Bloomberg has not yet agreed to the position or use of his likeness.

Liberty & Justice

* The following are nominees for the positions. They have not yet agreed to serve.

Amendments for America Chair
Bernie Sanders

Feel the Bern

Senator Sanders won't get screwed in our administration. In fact, he would have one of the most important jobs: passing the Amendments for America package in 33 states. 

Bernie is a champion for liberty: free elections, fair courts, and a clean environment. Add objective law, a clean-green credit union, and a balanced budget, and we have our Amendments for America.

* Sen. Sanders has not yet agreed to the position or use of his likeness.

Attorney General
Justin Amash

Ethical Leadership

Representative Amash challenged his own party to champion American values and stand against authoritarianism in America. He is now an independent, as every leader should be.

As Attorney General, AG Amash will partner with AG Harris to root out corruption and authoritarian law to restore liberty.

* Rep. Amash has not yet agreed to the position or use of his likeness.

Attorney General
Kamala Harris

Aggressive Prosecution

Prior to serving as a champion for women's issues in the Senate, she served as California's AG.

As US Attorney General, AG Harris will partner with AG Amash to prosecute the case for liberty.

* Sen. Harris has not yet agreed to the position or use of her likeness.

Co-Chair, US Credit Union
Oprah Winfrey

Conservation, Sustainability, Restoration & Credit

As a self-made billionaire who rose from poverty, Oprah is the leader we need to communicate the connection between self, the planet and our planet-friendly money.

As Co-Chair, Oprah will partner with business to invest our assets for people, planet and profit while cutting costs and carbon for America.

* Ms. Winfrey has not yet agreed to the position or use of her likeness.
This department consolidates the Federal Reserve, Treasury, EPA, and Interior departments.

Co-Chair, US Credit Union
Warren Buffett

Conservation, Sustainability, Restoration & Credit

As the fourth wealthiest person in the world, Warren Buffett built Berkshire Hathaway, a textile maker, into the most successful investment firm in the history of America. 

As Co-Chair, Mr. Buffett will lead the investment team to transition America's economy to a clean, green future. 

* Mr. Buffett has not yet agreed to the position or use of her likeness.
This department consolidates the Federal Reserve, Treasury, EPA, and Interior Departments.

Chief InfoTech Officer Edward Snowden

Data You Can Trust

Rebooting America into the digital age requires both technical knowledge and integrity we can trust. 

Former CIA analyst Snowden exposed unconstitutional surveillance. As CTO, he will lead a team to migrate government to a secure-open-source platform.

* Mr. Snowden has not yet agreed to the position or use of his likeness.

Domestic Tranquility & Welfare

* The following are nominees for the positions. They have not yet agreed to serve.

Sec. Econ & Enviro Justice Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

A Voice for Present & Future

Rep. AOC is inspiring an inclusive future for all Americans. To be true to American values, we must ensure that all people have clean air and water, healthy food, and promising career opportunities.

As Secretary for the new EEJ, Sec. Ocasio-Cortez will realign the former HUD and and Education departments into a mission-driven EEJ focused on liberty, equality, opportunity, and justice for all.

* Rep. Ocasio-Cortez has not yet agreed to the position or use of her likeness.

Sec. Health & Human Services
Andrew Yang

Streamline Services, Maximize Social ROI

Entrepreneurship is the act of solving a problem at a profit. As the Founder of Venture for America, Mr. Yang helped entrepreneurs start companies.

As HHS Secretary, Sec. Yang will streamline services and encourage private sector collaboration through an open-API, like Apple iTunes and Google Play stores.  

* Mr. Yang has not yet agreed to the position or use of his likeness.

Sec. Budget
Paul Ryan

Fiscal Responsibility

Speaker Ryan represents the desire for efficient use of American funds, a pre-911 GOP value.

As Budget Secretary, Sec. Ryan will provide transparent access to America's budget and work with Sec. Yang to streamline services in order to maximize our social return on dollars invested.

* Rep. Ryan has not yet agreed to the position or use of his likeness.

Sec. Commerce
Mitt Romney

Planet-friendly Business

Former Governor and now Senator Romney has demonstrated courage and commitment to Constitutional values. In business, he led Bain Capital, a leading investment firm. 

As Commerce Secretary, Romney will streamline operations and engage business to align their operations with the planet.  

* Sen. Romney has not yet agreed to the position or use of his likeness.
This department consolidates Commerce, Trade & SBA.

Secretary of Education & Giving Pledge Chair
Bill Gates

Innovation in Education

Mr. Gates built Microsoft into one of the world's most valuable businesses before founding The Gates Foundation and The Giving Pledge.

As Ed. Sec., Mr. Gates will modernize education, foster competition and community, improve facilities, and produce results. He will also expand The Giving Pledge for public good.

* Mr. Gates has not yet agreed to the position or use of his likeness.

Sec. Immigration & Border
Julian Castro

Informed Immigration Policy

As a candidate for President, Secretary Castro campaigned on decriminalizing border crossings, as they were prior to 9/11.

As Immigration & Border Control Secretary, Sec. Castro will end unconstitutional indefinite border detentions, and implement liberty-based policies.

* Sec. Castro has not yet agreed to the position or use of his likeness.

Partnership & Defense

* The following are nominees for the positions. They have not yet agreed to serve.

Sec. Defense
General Conway

Warfighter for Truth

Commandant Conway is one of many Generals who acknowledge that our Middle Eastern oil-wars are a relic of oil dependence. With less dependence on oil we will be free from oil-wars.

As Secretary of Defense, Sec. Conway will reposition our forces to reflect our reality: an economy free from oil and oil-conflict. 

* Gen. Conway has not agreed to the position or use of his likeness.

Sec. State
Tulsi Gabbard

Service Before Self

Representative Gabbard has served in our armed forces for 17 years and is a champion for ending the endless oil-wars. 

As Secretary of State, Sec. Gabbard will work with our allies achieve financial independence through a clean, green, citizen-owned, transparent credit union of their own.

* Rep. Gabbard has not yet agreed to the position or use of her likeness.

Issue Details

Problem Solve at a Profit

Entrepreneurs Drive the Economy

Americans are natural problem solvers. We rightly seek opportunities to solve at a profit. 

Aligned policy creates aligned opportunities for social entrepreneurs to make a difference in the world with their People-Planet-Profit-based businesses.

Green Circular Economy

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Going green spurs innovation & opportunity.

Every level of the supply chain, product development and logistics management process needs to evolve to create a truly clean, green, economy that makes us all healthy ,wealthy & free.

Photo credit: Inspirage.com

Healthcare Job Renaissance

Competition Creates Opportunity

If we think the economy is doing well now, just wait. It's about to get much, much better. Opening the market to competition and paying people to shop for savings will drive unprecedented economic innovation and opportunity.

Photo credit: Stathakis.com

Job Creation & Blight Restoration Tax Credit

Clean, Green Opportunity Zones

Urban redevelopment and urban farming should support human health and wellness. Smart city planning improves quality of life, lowers stress, and provides opportunities for urban working class or middle class, entrepreneurs and investors alike. 

Legalize, Regulate & Tax Cannabis

Cannabis Cures Opioid Addiction

Legal cannabis creates jobs and tax revenue. It also alleviates pain, reduces opioid use, and has proven to be a healthy alternative to pills, at lower cost, and with far fewer side effects.

Release Non-Violent Prisoners

We fight both sides of the War on Drugs.

We spend $100 billion per year to fight an incarcerate drug offenders while creating a black market for gangsters and forcing people to flee drug-related violence. If we want to stop the flood at the border, we must Legalize, Regulate, Tax, Educate.

Expunge Non-Violent Records

Getting a Job is Tough Enough

Non-violent offenders hurt no one but themselves. They should not be handicapped with a felony for the rest of their lives. 

Our Healthy Opportunity Zone program will include incentives to train and hire veterans of war and prison. 

Invest in Mental Health & Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Saves Time, Money & People

Countries like Norway have made significant progress in with rehabilitating offenders through innovative approaches to corrections. Let's learn from others to adopt effective strategies to reduce recidivism and improve lives.


Amendments for America Language

Replace Fake Money & Lies
With Sound Money & Truth

Five Constitutional Amendments
to Renew America

28th Amendment

Planet-Friendly Money +
Citizen Dividend

“Recognizing that liberty and democratic rule cannot be preserved without a foundation of sound money and maintaining control of the national currency as a public resource, any organization contracted to manage the national currency, Treasury or otherwise, shall submit to regular public audit as prescribed by Congress. Furthermore, up to 50% of profits earned from the management thereof shall be equally distributed to all citizens of the American Republic as a national dividend to citizen shareholders with the remainder to be paid on deposits held with the Bank or held in reserve for the purposes of reinvestment for public good."


29th Amendment

Void for Vagueness

“Objectivity in the law, being necessary to secure the Blessings of Liberty, shall require that all laws must explicitly and definitely state so as to inform those who are subject to it what conduct on their part will render them liable and is therefore punishable and what is not. Furthermore, no law shall be passed in terms so vague that citizens of common intelligence must necessarily guess at its meaning and application in daily life.”

30th Amendment

Supreme, Not Extreme Courts

“The preservation of Liberty being sacrosanct, with Supreme Court Justices entrusted to interpret the law and to secure the Blessings of Liberty, must hereby be approved by no less than a three-fifths Senate majority. All current Supreme Court Justices confirmed with less than the three-fifths majority standard must be reaffirmed or replaced with another appointee in accordance with the standard.”


31st Amendment

Election Protection

“In order to preserve the right to self-governance, elections being representative of the voice of the American citizenry, and to protect against undue corporate influence in elections, the right of free speech to contribute to campaigns and advertise on behalf of candidates and issues is expressly and exclusively retained by the Citizenry. Corporations are prohibited from donating to or spending on behalf of any candidate or ballot issue at any point in time. Moreover, ballot access requirements, as regulated by the states, shall set forth equal regulations for partisan and independent candidates and referendums alike. Finally, states will permit the people to nominate the candidate of their choosing, even if the candidate is nominated for another party.”

32nd Amendment

Balanced Budget

“Understanding that the debtor is the slave to the lender, that uncontrolled spending ultimately leads only to the erosion of value in our national currency, and that the strength of our nation is reflected in the strength of our national currency, We the People hereby compel our Government to operate within the constraints of an annually balanced budget. For the avoidance of doubt, this Amendment shall not prohibit the Government from financing spending over time provided that the annualized amortized spending is fully accounted for within the budget.”


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